Grand Cayman Island Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM)
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(George Town, Cayman Islands)

The biggest of the Cayman Islands trio, Grand Cayman is known for its limestone reef and spectacular coastline. With crystal clear waters and beautiful white sandy stretches, the island's eastern side tends to be more rural and less developed. In contrast, the island's western side is more tourist-friendly and home to George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman.

Next to George Town you will find the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM), which serves a number of airlines, including Cayman Airways and Cayman Airways Express. The airport is located on the south-eastern side of George Town and is the Cayman Islands' premier airport.

Grand Cayman Island Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) Maps: Important City Districts

George Town is an important centre for finance on the Grand Cayman island, containing many prominent financial institutions and more than 500 different banks. Other highlights here include a harbour where many cruise ships regularly dock, and public squares surrounded by shops. Further noteworthy parts of Grand Cayman are as follows:

  • Bodden Town (south-central coast)
  • East End (north-eastern coast, close to the Botanic Park)
  • North Side (north coast)
  • Rum Point (northerly peninsula)
  • Seven Mile Beach (far western coast)
  • Stingray City (within the North Sound, to the west)
  • West Bay (stretching between George Town and the Hell area

Cayman Islands Map

Cayman Islands Map

George Town Map

Grand Cayman Island map

George Town Airport GCM

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